#6591908, By young_money Potential move to London - advice needed \o/

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    mull wrote:
    Haha, unemployment = boredom, yep.

    Dalston jobcentre is fucking diabolical, too. It's full of the mentally ill screaming about lesbian daemons. No, really, it was when I was in there!

    i wish i was in Dalston job centre mate, as it's about 2 minutes walk northwards up the street from my house. because i have an N1 postcode, i've been shafted to Hoxton which isn't far or anything, but involves a bus journey and spending valuable oyster stacks. such a stupid system.

    don't think i've got that job i had the interview for. a total pain as it's the 2nd time i've been invited for an interview for a job where i clearly state what experience i have on my CV, and then get to the place and they seem to be after a set EXP in something they'd have seen i didn't have if they'd have just read my CV. get the feeling in London they don't even read the CVs. just scan the bloody things and say "yes no yes no" at random.

    got to go into town today to sign up at an agency. she said in her own words my CV looks great, just watch me turn up and have her say "have you got 2 years as a brain surgeon then for this admin role i want to put you for? what? no? oh..."

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