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    I'm bored so I'll nominate a few I can remember:

    [u]Top 50[/u]:
    Rayman Run
    Flying Hamster
    Hunters-Episode 1
    This Could Hurt
    Paper Monsters
    Flick Kick Football
    Subway Surf
    They need to be Fed
    Robot Master(type of Knizia Solitaire)
    Plants War (fan of Dota)
    Zombie Highway
    Words with Friends
    Muffin Knight
    Chop Chop Hockey
    West Bang
    Paper Toss

    [u]Top 100[/u]
    Major Mayhem
    Hard Lines
    Drop 7
    Wind Up Knight
    Bike Baron
    Sky Combat
    Thief Lupin
    Tiny Wings
    Order and Chaos (WoW on the iphone)
    Harbour Master
    Word Warrior
    Zombie Shock
    Dark Nebula
    Run Like Hell
    Parachute Ninja
    InstantChess (play opponent instantly, but cap 3 games/day)
    Spike Dislike (not everyone would like this)
    Kings Corners(solitare-like game)

    (a lot I've forgotten, or deleted to make space)
    Add your own, or make new list
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