#5166457, By Cloudane I feel like I cant be bothered anymore...

  • Cloudane 28 Aug 2009 21:00:58 1,974 posts
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    Kosmoz wrote:
    Football Manager and Fallout 3 were the last games that took hours and hours from my life. And an uncountable number of games of Pro Evo, but thats when I have friends round and everything is much more fun when you have friends round.

    It is also the only time I turn the Wii on in my household too.

    I am also bored of games nowadays so you are not alone Kosmoz.

    All this talk of the new Batman game when I thought the demo - to me - was quite average...

    The last game I truly enjoyed was Call of Duty 2 and Ridge Racer 6 on the Xbox 360 way back in 2005 and that is nearly four years ago.
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