#5176184, By Angel_Treats How much money does switching off at the wall REALLY save...?

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    kalel wrote:
    When I got my plasma, I was being lazy and leaving it on stand-by, and I saw a noticeable rise in my elec bills so quickly started turning off at the plug. I think for certain appliances it does make a big difference.

    We haven't a plasma, we have a 42" LCD thing, and we never turn it off at the wall. We just turn it off at the switch on top of the telly (although we don't leave it on stand by).

    I've no idea how big our electricity bills are because it's the one bill Rutty is in charge of! Perhaps I should take a look...

    Hm. Apparently our bill for the quarter is 112.85. That doesn't seem too bad. We live in a one bedroom flat. We never switch anything off at the wall, my iMac is always left in sleep and only actually shut down when I'm on holiday, and the TV is on quite a lot.
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