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    UncleLou wrote:
    The game continues (infinitely?)
    (From memory) player character can get to level 100 and foozles keep scaling indefinitely even past that (with dungeon level when you're in the alt dungeon, though base level is pegged to character level when you first go in there). Equipment, however, only scales up to a base level of ~60, and it's already recycled everything with "epic" slapped on the front once even then. As I assume you'd agree, given your fondness for Titan Quest and its ilk, these games fall pretty flat once the loot stops being worth looking at - much as in Fate, you can theoretically keep going indefinitely, but, unless you derive amusement from trying to foil progressively more absurd odds at the enchanter, there's no game to speak of very far beyond level 60. I think there are mods to add further equipment prefixes; dunno how well they work.

    One thing I do like is that the difficulty settings are actually difficulty settings, rather than cycles. The way Diablo 2 dealt with this was bloody weird, and it looms so over the subgenre everyone else tends to copy it if they're not sure what else to do. Of course, in this and just about anything else, you kind of have to be prepared for plenty of people telling you you've done it wrong if you don't cut and paste Diablo 2.
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