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    Few more giveaways...

    - brand-new looking flatpacked boxes or foreign auctions on ebay that state that the box will be flatpacked. Lot's of these are fakes with repro boxes

    - the screw in the back of the cart should be a tri-wing screw; fakes tend to have flat-head screws, cross-head screws or even no screws at all.

    - US age ratings on carts. For some reason, most fake GBA games are US in design. Fake carts might look like the EU version for example but have a US ESRB rating on the sticker. Be careful. EU and Jap games are usually safer to buy.

    As redcrayon said, typos on the label, missing serial numbers/Nintendo seal of quality are also giveaways. Fakes for a few quid might be acceptable if you don't care about the condition of your games, but they have cheap components, don't last long and are famous for save-data failure due to crappy cheap batteries and parts.

    Just buy the legit stuff even if it is more pricy - it's worth it.
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