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    Link to petition (CLICK)

    Having been playing a lot of PSN lately on my PS3 slim, it occurred to me that there's basically no difference between it and Xbox LIVE, certainly in terms of the actual on-line gameplay. The Gold fee itself is merely to unlock on-line gameplay on Xbox 360, and in light of a variety of factors in the present console market (outlined in the text of the petition), it now feels completely obsolete, and even unfair to Xbox 360-owners.

    Anyway, I thought it was worth doing a petition, even though nothing may come of it. Navigate through to the petition, and have a read (it's not too long). If you agree with it, then add your signature. For those who've never used PetitionOnline.com before, in addition to your name, you must include your email address. Don't worry, no-one will ever see this unless you set it to 'public' (it is totally private by default). There is no email-verification nonsense, it's just so that people only sign it once. I've also included a compulsory 'Country' field. No big deal, just put the country you live in.

    If you decide to sign, it would be a great help to the petition of people got the word out. Simple things work, like putting the link to the petition in your signature and so forth. I know the EG forums do not have signatures on posts, but if you frequent other forums that do, then by all means put it in your signature on there. Perhaps even repost this topic elsewhere. Let's make Xbox LIVE free, wouldn't that be fantastic?

    -Martin :)

    Edit: I also own an Xbox 360 and original Xbox, and have been an Xbox LIVE user since 2003 (my tag has changed three times, it's now "Mart7n"). This is not anti-360 propaganda.
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