#5237661, By Martin85 Abolish the Xbox LIVE Fee Petition

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    squarejawhero wrote:
    Martin85, I think you need to do more research into why Live is successful and what the money goes into. You may end up suprising yourself.

    You're an intelligent sounding chap, so quite why you've gone with this petition and not done so already is suprising.

    I'm unsure what you mean. What research did I fail to do? Nothing I said was false, to the best of my knowledge. As I say, I own both. In fact, I am more familiar with XBL than PSN (having only had a PS3 since September 1st). I don't expect the petition to 'achieve' much in the way of results, but it would be good for those of us who disagree with the fee to have somewhere to unite in our disdain for it. So I made this petition.

    Mike_Strutter wrote:
    @ Martin85
    Having already spent 470 on the 2 consoles is an extra 40 a problem? All the time people are paying the 40 there's no chance they'll scrap it, why would they?

    A lot of you seem to be making this argument, and I don't know why. Yes, I know at present that the way Xbox LIVE is set up is extremely lucrative for Microsoft. This is obvious and doesn't need to be pointed out. Furthermore, the petition isn't saying "Hey Microsoft, if you make XBL free than you'll make a lot more money". The petition is saying "It is unfair on your customers to continue charging merely for on-line gameplay".

    As far as my experiences of the two are concerned, I find PSN to be equal in quality to XBL. I do not find it worse for lag, and the feature set is nigh-on identical. Earlier I said that my Xbox 360 cost me 230. I should have pointed out that it is now 200, though doesn't come with a lot of the stuff mine did (HDMI cable, XBL headset, etc), so you will need to spend more anyway.
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