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  • kungfubob 22 Sep 2009 14:50:01 160 posts
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    theiceman wrote:
    kungfubob wrote:

    I got the beta code but when i go to download the 2661mb update it takes too long then the ps3 freezes and i have no other choice to unplug to restart. 6 hours = over 700mb.
    i have relatively fast broadband and it should normally take around 2 hours max.

    As i said earlier, MAG is putting a lot of stress on the ps3's.
    /worried that MAG might fry my ps3!

    Im starting to worry too as im now onto my 2nd PS3 and i dont want to go through all that hastle again that i had with sony over the YLOD . I can hear the cooling fan really going flatout and i think i might just quit and delete to be safe. MAG looks good but i dont want to go to meltdown just to play a beta.
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