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    Dirtbox wrote:
    What's the combat like this time around? The first one was borderline for me, I'm hoping it's a lot better.
    Extremely involving and demanding. You can't mindlessly hack away at opponents, because you can't queue actions; the earliest you can swing the sword again is when the animation nears its end. Same goes for nearly everything else. Signs are meant to give you breathing room, and only rarely give you a clear advantage.

    I've been immensely enjoying it so far, but I've also decided to put it aside. The embarrassingly vast array of glitches both small and game breaking are ruining the game experience. Bit surprised, since Enhanced Edition proved they're willing to work out the kinks.

    Bugs, glitches and crashes aside, it completely overshadows all RPGs I've played since... Can't even recall. Planescape: Torment, probably. Don't read into that, though, as I played PS:T pretty late.
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