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    What's the combat like this time around? The first one was borderline for me, I'm hoping it's a lot better.
    Extremely involving and demanding. You can't mindlessly hack away at opponents, because you can't queue actions; the earliest you can swing the sword again is when the animation nears its end. Same goes for nearly everything else. Signs are meant to give you breathing room, and only rarely give you a clear advantage.
    That's exactly what I was afraid of.

    I realise I'll probably get shot down for this, but I find that type of combat ponderous, boring and ultimately frustrating. Sure you have to play it like that with pencil and die tabletop games, but things have progressed to the point where you shouldn't have to bother with that shit.
    Hardly any of what you wrote makes any amount of sense. You deserve being shot down for writing that inane rubbish.

    Involving and demanding combat simply can't be boring. Frustrating, yes, but boring? And how do you figure crucial timing and resource/crowd management is reminiscent of pencil and die tabletop games? Blame it on harking back to Nintendo hard days because of arbitrary timing and harsh punishment, if you must. I know that's not for everyone.

    You could always set it to easy, but I don't know how easy it will actually be. Normal itself is quite demanding.
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