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    @Shikasama: This is worth more full price than most games I buy. The only reason I'm not saying BUY IT NOW is because it's going to depend on the person. I can imagine there's a lot of old school RPG players that would have a hard time adjusting to the real time combat. Also, patches, which there's sure to be a lot of over the next few weeks.

    Questing is a lot more focused now. Won't get more than 6-7 at once, and even the monster killing ones have some kind of neat twist, like finding nests and planting bombs. They don't hold your hand either, don't expect a marker showing exactly where on the map to go. EXPLORING is a gameplay mechanic here. Also you still have to read books on the monsters, but this time it contains actual combat advice rather than the arbitrary "read this to skin this" of the first.

    NPCs still require certain times of day, but now you can meditate anywhere and the shift in time is, quite impressively, instantaneous. So no more having to find a campfire, then realising you don't have bloody flint. *forehead smack* Voice acting is quality stuff too, and it's great hearing the regional British accents represented rather than the standard, flat American-version-of-an-English-accent.

    @hiddenranbir: Fuck. Ing. Traps.
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