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    NOSAVIOUR wrote:
    I'm finding chapter 2 a bit meh after flotsam and wish I would go back. Does chapter 3 get better. Still loving though.

    Also if I'd gone with the the elves would chapter 2 play out completely differently (different location)?

    Juding by how you're asking about the Elves, I'd say you went with Roche and are now trudging along a military camp. I agree with you. Roche's path isn't as good as flotsam. It has some really great scenes with ghosts, curses and betrayel, but the surroundings are bland.

    Fear not however! To answer your question: Yes. Chapter 2 plays out COMPLETELY different if you go with the Elves and Iorveth. You begin in Vergen.


    Vergen is hands down, the greatest thing in what's already a masterpiece of a game. The brickwork is cemented with atmosphere, the locals are humerous and you really get that Fantasy vibe. It has a dragon, elves, dwarves, succubus, a maiden warrior, harpies, lesbian S&M sorceresses and a motly army of rebels fighting evil kings.

    I'd almost make the mistake of comparing that part with any other work in Fantasy, but I can't. Vergen is a milestone in the representation of Fantasy (gaming). The place has such an overwhelming amount of detail, it takes the slightest amount of suspension of disbelief to convince yourself it's real. And what a place it is.

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