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    puddleduck wrote:
    As long as the combat is more interesting that Skyrim! What does it resemble? Is it basically just keep smashing the attack button, or is there some kind of thought into it? Is it z-lock or freeform? Is it similar to anything else combat wise? Heh you're right DS has spoiled me ;)

    Will pencil it in for the middle of May if so as it looks right up my street and the story actually looks interesting (again, as opposed to Skyrim).

    In fact, is the game world fairly varied as you go along? I've heard that it is effected by your actions and choices, but is there a nice mix of fantasy ranging from the serious to the bizarre and comical?

    Edit// Cheers :D

    The game world is very consistent and very realistic. In other words, no, you won't find a huge range of fantasy in here. It compares more to Dragon Age, than it does to Warhammer. Everything has a believable place or is logically explained. However, I dare say that this is the strength of Witcher and the novels. That grim, realistic world, pulls plenty of gags on you by changing it up or presenting old things in new light. Troll under the bridge, of course, but the guy is drunk and has more background than you'd think. He isn't a cliché. He has enough background to be his own characters. Elves down on their luck, but the cold blooded Iorveth grows into such an idealist that you begin to root for him and belief in his plans. It's all there for a reason and suprisingly humerous, perhaps because what's there contrasts so well with the grim astmosphere.

    I wouldn't read too much into your choices affecting the world. The only thing your choices do is give you the reoccurence of a few characters you could have killed and different regions to play in. However, that's just an added bonus. Your not busy writing your story. You're busy writing Geralt's so that's okay. And at least the game doesn't promise you that you get to shape the universe and then fail horribly. *cough* ME3 *Cough*

    Combat is fast and tactical. You need to use your speed to avoid blows, make your enemy waste his opportunity and then counter attack. That and avoid his mates covering his back of course. If they don't have mates, they're strong enough to kill you in a single, but fortunatly slow blow. You're the fast and shifty hero using trickery, not he-man.

    You'll spend a lot of time feeling like a patient sheepdog. You lead your enemies around the area, poke them and wait for them to break up their ranks enough for you to single out a single individual and take them out for the kill, all the while avoiding both charges and missiles.

    As the game progresses, they get stronger and you'll have more tools to do herding. Traps, bombs, missile attacks, paralyzing spells and those that keep you alive a little longer.

    You can also gain skills in swordsmanship, alchemy and sorcery.
    - Sorcery helps you to actualy hold your ground and reliably deflect blows elegantly.
    - Alchemy turns you from a sheepdog into a hellhound for five minutes long, if you can get the ingredients needed for potions that buff your strength well enough for you to take enemies down in a single blow.
    - Sorcery buffs your ability to break up crowds with minute long buffs that freeze time, protect you, paralyze enemies or control their minds.

    Classic, power-mode and tactician.

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