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    AdamAsunder wrote:
    Been playing this over the weekend and I must say that I'm having a really hard time of it so far.

    The map is really not that useful, would it be so hard to have separate icons for different shop types?

    Also the combat is kicking my arse, I'm finding particular commands sluggish.

    I'm currently facing the Kayran at the moment and the traps seem to be very inconsistent as to when they hit.

    Despite all this the game has got its hooks in me. I've seen as many Game Over screens as I did in Dark Souls and like that game I'm still driving myself on. It would just be nice to feel a little less bewildered and a bit more competent in battle.

    Back to the Kayran for the 20th attempt.

    Don't feel bad. I've played through the game trice now and I'm confident enough to call myself a skilled player.

    I still die at least a dozen times around the Kayren though. At least three times trying to set the trap, 6 trying to cut off the other tentacles, twice during the Quick Interact sequence and once when it's already down and just throwing rocks at you for good measure, forcing you to start from the beginning again and driving me up the wall.

    Still good though. :D
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