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    Po1ymorph wrote:
    @Scimarad Coming from playing far too much Dark Souls. The lock-on was frustrating me. Until I pretty much stopped using it, unless one on one. Constant adjustment of the camera works best, and allows you to keep moving. Which opens up a more free-flowing, hit and move style combat.

    Anyone else playing this a "hard" or above? If so whats the hardest bit you have come across so far?

    I have just hit a wall with a battle in Loc Muinne when your going after Triss on Iorveth's story line. Up against 4 crossbow men, a mage and 3 two-handed swordsmen man, with 3 shield men arriving later.

    It's pretty fucking solid. Stay still for more than a couple of seconds and it's game over...

    Hardest parts for me are that Kraken, the summoning ritual in the woods that draw out half a dozen ghosts and killing those bug queens. Those two situations just drive me crazy because it's so difficult it feels unfair.

    After Flotsam though? Nothing. By then I'm trained and skilled enough to handle any situation. Oils, potions, swordsmanship and traps. Around act 2, I'm good enough to just enjoy the story. If I die, then it's my own damn fault for not trying hard enough and I'm usually elated to manage.
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