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    Po1ymorph wrote:
    @spudsbuckley I really enjoyed the last boss, apart from, yeah it's tail swipe. Bit of a cheese move for me that one. But just cast Aard sign(shield thingy) and it negates the damage. And just keep chipping away at it with your sword/bombs/projectiles. Patience is key here.

    Or you could just spec Alchemy, imbibe all the +Damage bonus potions, wield a sword that does double damage against large creatures and put the correct oils on it.

    I lobbed its head off in 5 moves on Hard. Poor animal barely had the chance to fly away and charge. Hysterical too see it go down quicker than your average Troll.

    It's a hard game... unless you prepare well. Letho in the bathhouse is the only boss in the game that gave me any pause, simply because I don't have the proper tools yet. The Kraken comes in as a close second.
    I love how the game rewards you for preparing yourself properly.

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