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    Vortex808 wrote:
    Wow. Letho in act 1 really is a see you next tuesday isn't he! I give up for tonight. I nesrly had him worn down a lot a couple of times until his cheap poison attack got me.
    The way I remember it, it takes timing and agression, not defence or evasion, to take him down.

    Run around until his shield goes down. When that happens, wack him. Letho will stagger and recover/block, then try to blast you away with the telekenesis wave. It takes timing to understand when he does that exactly, but he will do so after a reliable amount of time. Evade and roll behind his back before he's able and wack him again. Don't give him a quarter and keep attackng. This will prevent him from casting shield.

    Rinse and repeat untill Letho is down. Kinda scary on my first try, since I had just learned to keep my distance.

    Fail and he'll blow you away for long enough to reactivate shield and you're forced to put up with his shit until it wears of again.
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