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    Oh. I was expecting loads of "you're mental, you're doing it wrong, it's the best game in the world!" posts! :D

    I think I've played for about 15 hours now, I'm a little way into chapter 2. I've been buying and crafting new swords and kit all the way along, but I still seem to take large amounts of damage very easily. Upgrading my max HP when I level up hasn't helped much.

    Blocking and counters for swordplay seem to work okay (sometimes, when I can pull them off) against a single opponent, but most of the time I'm facing multiple enemies and they're no good against a crowd. "Force push" and the one that paralyses people temporarily don't seem to last long enough for me to separate them out properly and get them one-on-one. Fully upgraded the shield but it's basically down after one hit, the fireball's so weedy it may as well not even be there.

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