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    Played some more, died some but not quite as much as my previous session. Beat everyone in the tournament at the camp, shagged Ves, killed a bunch of drowners and rotfiends without too much trouble.

    Enclosed spaces. I don't like those - I'm pretty sure that's what's giving me the most pain. My fighting style relies so much running away like a big girl that I get into trouble when I can't move around a lot. Managed to beat a bunch of guys in a small room by alternating between shielding myself and using the force push/stick to the spot skills. Maybe I just need to change it up a bit more often? We'll see. I'm going to stick with it for now.

    Mutagens. What the hell are they for? I've got a bunch of them and I can't find any reference to what they are and/or how I'm supposed to use them. I get the idea I'm missing something important - I don't even remember them being in the tutorial.

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