#5257991, By ploder Beautiful Girls (and Guys) working in the retail industry: Isn't that blatant prejudice against

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    I wish these people would just employ on ability to do the job. I don't think it's limited to retail either. Think of all those less attractive people (e.g me) that can't get jobs for love nor money and get fobbed off with 'you're just not we're looking for'.

    Re: Oxford St. Didn't think much of it. I live on the outskirts of London and have come into the center a few times. Overcrowded and stocking generally the same generic rubbish as everywhere else only costing more. Probably only good for the higher end of the market imo. The lowlight was going into Niketown and thinking wtf is this a museum or a sports store? Must have been a selection of about 5 pairs o trainers for men all of which were nasty looking and over 80. What is so good about Oxford St?
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