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    It is a tough question to answer, because I don't think I was playing games until about two or three years older than your child (we're talking early 16-bit late 8-bit era here, so not strictly incomparable to the current handheld market). May be easiest to just work out which are his favourite characters and see what metacritic has to say about the games. As a child, I played my fair share of 90s animation tie-ins on the home consoles. In retrospect, the games sucked, and whilst I'm sure you want only the best for Puma Jr, it's undeniable that as children, we're usually pretty undiscerning consumers :p

    But considering that my first favourite characters were Sonic, Mario and err... Alex Kidd, it may be worth getting a DS platformer and seeing how you go. It always surprises me how good kids can be at games that adults have been challenging themselves with for decades. Many of the best DS games carry 3+ ratings after all. Then, I wonder if the Lego Star Wars / Indiana Jones / Batman games may be quite good. No game-over screens you see.

    I wish there were a blue alternative to Super Princess Peach. That was a not half-bad learner-platformer that I just don't feel comfortable recommending to a father for his young son.

    edit: Blue as in 'less pink', not as in the term 'Blue Movie'.

    edit 2: Of course, the responsible answer to your question is that video games shoudl be kept from young children for as long as possible, but that's not going to solve your flight problems :)
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