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    Just a thought about embargoes. I review hardware and a lot of video cards. A few weeks ago I visited London for a full day of tech briefs on the new AMD HD5870 where we journalist also got a card to take home to our own labs so we could do proper testing on our own terms. In those cases embargoes and NDA's are really usefull for us since it means that we get plenty of time to rip the product apart as well as time to write proper reviews.

    To me these embargoes and NDA's is a way for the company to say that "we give you access to our product early so you can spend time with it and in exchange you agree to wait to reveal your findings until a specific day". I fail to see the moral problem with this. If they tried to influence someone by giving different embargoes depending on if they were positive or not, then I would agree. But so far no embargoe/NDA I've ever signed for software or hardware has had any strings attached when it comes to what to write.

    Of course we would survive without embargoes etc. (not all products have them)
    but I think they are usefull in that it also gives us smaller sites a chance of getting early info, games or hardware and still be able to get time to do proper reviews.

    That doesn't mean MS was right (or wrong) in this case, especially since the guy never signed any NDA. I think they just should have ignored it as it probably would have attracted as much attention in that case.
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