#5268823, By Angel_Treats Jim'll Fix It - what would you ask for?

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    During another insomnia-filled night last night, for some reason I remembered one of my old workmates. Jim fixed it for him to dance with his favourite band on stage. I can't remember the band's name, and no he's not gay - just very weird.

    Anyway I started wondering what I'd ask Jim to fix for me. Obviously it can't be something like world peace, the power of flight or a mansion in the Cotswolds with an indoor swimming pool.

    Reckon I'd ask for a day with the Stig learning to drive a Bugatti Veyron (or something similarly ridiculous) very fast round the Top Gear track.

    What would you ask for?

    Here's one where they ask for a whole box of Cadbury's Animals with only elephant-shaped biccies. Bless.
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