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    ytzulu wrote:
    Will be watching once the kids are in bed. Personally enjoying watching SFV but playing is such a chore. Getting games online is such a coin toss. Most times I fire up SFV then just go to another game knowing that I can actually play, instead of hanging around some budget menu screen for 15 minutes.
    Best thing to do with that is collect a circle of good steam friends that are on the same time as you, won't rage quit or have a bad connection. You could ask on the SRK forums for people to friend request in your skill bracket?

    nickthegun wrote:
    Futaba wrote:
    Street Fighter 4 was always my favourite game to watch so them dropping it (on request of Capcom I'm guessing) killed a lot of my buzz for this year.
    Tbf, it had a six years as the premier game, they were always going to move and and its kind of pointless to have 2 SF games.
    I appreciate that but I don't think it would have been a bad idea to still include it as part of the tournament, not the main game but still there. Street Fighter 3: Third Strike was released in 1999 but was still being played as late as 2008 and 2009 at evo (the main game at 2008, a team tournament at 2009). I disagree it would be pointless to have two games from the same series as SF4 and 5 are quite different to each other, and they've had Smash Melee and Brawl at the same evo before.

    I don't feel like its been dropped because the majority are bored of it (ok, some people are), but because Capcom want people to focus on and buy SFV. And by making SF4 irrevelant, by dropping it being a part of tournaments they're doing that.

    Maybe I'm biased though, if it was up to me I'd have Street Fighter 3 as one of the games there this year.

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