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    alasdairm wrote:
    Picked up a new copy of the Prima Guide for this in Game for 1p (!!!) the other week (also got Lost Planet 2 Guide for 1p)

    Might be worth having a look - was at the rack at the counter

    It's a decent read, though I do have to laugh with some of the things that it talks about with Vega. Claiming that st.LK > cr.MP is a difficult link :x It's dead easy.

    There's a few little things in the book that are off the mark, but it's worth it if you picked it up that cheap and want to learn a few little things like what kara throwing and p-linking are.

    With the PC, it's...alright, but seriously the amount of rage quitters (waste my damn time whydontcha) and lag and then the macro crap does get on your nerves after a while.
    I'd rather play 3s on GGPO tbh.
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