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    nickthegun wrote:
    They seem to have given bison and blanka, who happen to be my mains, an unfairly savage bumming.

    Bisons is the weirdest. Its not like U2 is that good anyway.

    Bison's my alternate, but my god I'm more tempted than ever just to go back to Nightmare Booster. In fact, if the AE changes get confirmed for DLC...I will.
    Some characters you could do U2 on fireballs on reaction and they'd still be able to jump away. So as much as the initial hype was...blech It's not great.

    I'm a bit miffed about my main, they've given Vega invul frames on EX.ST. Something with a down-back charge so its like "YAY CROSS ME UP! I LOSE MY CHARGE...and unless autocorrect works I'm screwed..."
    Reduced the damage on his main BnB and his backdash has apparently had something done to it. Back to bottom tier I go!
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