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    DDevil wrote:
    FrancysPai wrote:
    Cammy's Cannon strike. You know her [Midair] QCB+K move? You can do it instantly off the ground quickly by using Sagat's old Tiger knee motion (QCB - UpForward + K)
    and it would come out by barely leaving the ground.

    She can no longer do it instantly. Being able to do it instantly means she can build meter, setups throws and it helps her rushdown.

    She now basically loses all of that.

    I'm not sure I think it's exactly fair tbh...then again, neither is nerfing Vega (my Main)'s damage on his EX FBA...yay, his only way of doing solid damage. It's been rumoured that they've done something to his backdash...I honestly hope not...He needs his mobility.

    P.S. Ono be trollin'
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