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    Madcatz TE Sticks are fantastic, however you would need to dual Mod one to make it work on both systems.

    If you want a fairly decent one that works out of the box on both systems, got for a Datel (look on amazon) or Paewang Revolution stick (these ones are korean, you can only get them from etokki.com)

    Datel, Microsoft are getting pretty pissed about the use of their coding though...so they might try and impose a ban on them...

    The stock parts for both sticks are pretty shit too, and they're not easy to mod. I've personally always taken the Madcatz TE + Mad soldering skills = Dual modded for both systems route.

    @Load: I've played the guy since his shitness in vanilla (Went to London for eurogamer, then went to the arcades...god I never actually realized how hard it was to win with him back then...yet I as well as many other players, still managed it). I play Bison (dictator) in SF2, so it doesn't really count haha, as much as Claw was a complete beast in Turbo.
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