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    Load "$" wrote:
    @FrancysPai Yeah, Had always been big on Guile since the start but hated him in SF4, so made the switch.

    I would love to say I didn't rely on walldives but I abuse them.

    Great for frustrating people into making mistakes and for giving you a little breathing room. I find Vega just so much fun to play.

    I would love to be able to put a hit in before the cosmic heel and EX barcelona attack. But I just don't think it is possible.

    You can't tag in a hit before Cosmic heel unfortunately. Don't go for EX FBA after a cosmic heel unless you're intent on doing the vortex near a corner. Learn to Heavy Scarlet Terror off one. It does a decent amount of damage and you can mix up then with other options like corpse hopping (jumping over the opponent with cosmic heel when they're knocked down).

    However you can combo EX FBA off near enough every crouching normal aside his heavies.
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