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    nickthegun wrote:
    I hate playing vega. Properly hate, hate hate.

    Its my least favourite matchup by a long way.

    I could give you practice on that ;) Who do you main? I might be able to give you some tips.

    I play Bison and Blanka, with a side of gouken. I dont have as much a problem with him as I used to, more that online Vegas either play the most obnoxious, lag abusing turtle game in the world or are so good they take advantage of the fact I dont know the matchup well enough to counterpoke and they just sit on c.mp all day.

    If the Vega is stupid enough to walldive when you have U2 meter, free ultra for you.
    Vega can't do a lot against Bison and can only really punish Blanka if they have meter or are exceptionally quick with walk forward > Slide after a blocked ball.

    And urgh, it's the reason I don't play online very much, if there's one thing I cannot stand, it's lag. Vega has a lot of 1 frame links so getting them to come out online is impossible. Hell even standard BnBs become a pain in the backside.

    and Salami: If you get people like that. Get a life lead and sit on it. I personally hate doing it myself but the tradeoff is worse if you go after them because you will take a pasting. they have the vantage point then of knowing you're going to attack and can react a lot better than if they were attacking.

    @ BE: Oh yush, I generally buy from him if it's only a small order, or it's an emergency XD
    Really struggling with myself right now to not buy another stick to mod. The damn bugs got me, pretty hard too.
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