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    And urgh, it's the reason I don't play online very much, if there's one thing I cannot stand, it's lag. Vega has a lot of 1 frame links so getting them to come out online is impossible. Hell even standard BnBs become a pain in the backside.

    I really struggle with links in live matches anyway. I can practice for hours in the training mode and be pretty succesful but once I'm playing against a human opponent then it all goes to shit.
    It really holds my game back. :/

    Yeah, I know what you mean. It took forever before I was reactive enough with Vega to get df.HK > H.Scarlet Terror out in a fight, then his BnB of: nj.MK, cr.mk, crmp xx EX FBA.
    It does come in time though. I found that going through arcade mode a few times helps, because you're with an actual attacking opponent but it's not like...a person. If that makes sense.
    It just puts you under pressure to pull things out.

    @Nick: Ohhh yes. Though I can't help but want to tease a Balrog when I get them on a knockdown XD *Whiffs cr.MK and always results in them attempting headbutt and missing.*
    And be careful walking towards backflipping Vega's XD they can easily flip and then EX FBA you in the face if you're walking forward.

    Though a good Vega doesn't really backflip too much, especially his longer flip. That's a big no no. I think only time I flip is when dodging a fireball full screen away XD
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