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    Restart wrote:
    I sucked, & it still annoyed me constantly, though mostly due to my own crappy performance, than issues with the game.

    Have they announced yet when the new characters will be coming to consoles? I'll likely grab the DLC & return to playing again then.

    Sven hinted that Ono is just making non-existant drama and there's something in the works. So I imagine we will.

    *sigh* Time to make use of Vega's EX FBA damage and backdash while they're still here.

    Also, rage? To be honest, I get mildly irked when faced with an idiot (ie blatent turbo users), but I don't get ragey. I guess all the straight faced "I'm not listening to your trashtalk bullshit" shenanigans at tournaments weeded that out of me early.

    I'm not sure the comment about "rage being proportional to your skill level" is accurate. People like Juicebox Abel are excellent players, yet even when they're losing, they still go down dancing (in this guys case, literally). Yet I know someone who is pretty bad at the game, yet rages to the point of breaking controllers *shrugs*
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