#5300394, By mooth-EcToX Holy arsehat batman, this place is big

  • mooth-EcToX 29 Sep 2009 17:37:33 3,619 posts
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    Well that's a bit better on the eyes ain't it.. Total oldschool 8)

    Yeah, now it looks a bit more familiar around here.. Doesn't mean I'm not going to wander around in a haze though!

    And yeah, I've just been chillin' really.. Moved out of the folks', travelled around Europe for a wee bit, went back to my flat, ran out of cash, now staying with folks again 'till a new place isn't extortionate.. But yeah, lots of chillin' :)

    What's been happenin' here?!?! Any massive wars? Awesome trolls? Oh, and what're those things called.. Games, that's the ones. I've not really been playing much of them as of late.. 'cept a bit of that Quake live thign with mates, or Halo when Rhys buys it(new one's kinda cool).. haha

    peaaace people

    edit: kalel, you'll always be down, dawgg.. aha
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