#5300743, By mooth-EcToX Holy arsehat batman, this place is big

  • mooth-EcToX 29 Sep 2009 19:01:56 3,619 posts
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    Toonster wrote:
    Holy shit... it's smoothie!

    I tried getting on your forum a couple years ago but it shut down. Ye bast!

    Aha, yeah my domain got swiped by some chinese company and I wasn't going to fork out to get it back.. I'm found at another forum now :) won't mention it here.. It's not really on topic as such :D

    Good to see some familiar faces! And good to see plenty new ones too, haha

    I'm going to have to go play some games, then come on here and throw my oppinionz at y'all..

    Some of you have some rather hardcore postcounts.. Think I might have to catch up \o/
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