#6956099, By JohnnyWashnGo Dead Space 2

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    Finished it last night - loved it. Final boss was a bit poor, as was the ending, but I have seen worse.

    Started New Game + as well and had a cracking bug near the start of chapter 2.

    When you enter the lift near the start of chapter 2 and travel between floors, the lighting goes dark part way through the journey and then comes back on to show a trapped person trying to get in through the open doors before being grabbed by a necromorph. When I go to that point in new game + and after the guy is dragged away the lift continued on its journey leaving my character stood still, passing through the lift until the lift was gone and leaving my character floating in the middle of nowhere.

    No big deal though - just restarted at the last checkpoint.

    Great game - looking forward to finishing it again.
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