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    Ah, sorry, in that case I've got us into a forum based Mobius loop (a twist in the fabric of space, where time becomes a... sorry, sorry!).

    Thanks for the clarification though, slightly peeved to hear it is the amp causing problems, I only bought it at Christmas. :-(

    Haven't tried NFS, but I'm wondering now how many other things I may end up hearing this on...

    I can understand the reasoning behind system loading causing this, but I'm slightly surprised that it sounds like the 360 prioritises audio less than video in this case (instead of, say, dropping video frames). I've worked around the STB industry for quite a while, and the golden rule is usually 'drop video, not audio'; reasoning being dropped audio is a lot more noticeable than a briefly corrupt or dropped video frame (as the HW will usually just keep displaying the previous video frame, whereas corrupted audio of course either creates a stutter or gap).

    Regardless, sounds like something they could potentially fix in an update. But most likely won't. :(
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