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    phAge wrote:
    Sorry to hear that. I just took my 360 with NFS and the DS2 demo over to a mate's house and tried my 360 with his Onkyo 606 amp. Both games dropped just like with my amp, which means that the problem is possibly more widespread than I suspected.

    One thing to try, though: if your telly has an optical out, try hooking your 360 up with HDMI to the telly, and then from telly to amp witr optical. Tried this at my brother's house, and it seemed to work just fine, dropout-free. He is only running stereo though, so not sure if it's actually DD 5.1 that is being put out by the TV.

    Ah, that's a good point. I assumed that it would simply do a straight passthrough, but maybe there's some signal massaging going on. I'll give that a go!
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