#5776006, By Errol_Flynn Xbox 360 Data Transfer Cable Thingy

  • Errol_Flynn 1 Feb 2010 12:25:14 7 posts
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    Well, I'm planning to continue playing Mass Effect 2 using my Paragon character from the first one - is that trustworthy enough? ;)

    Seriously though - many apologies, I must have misread the thread as a "take it, pass along" sort of thing. But if I could borrow your cable and CD at some point that would be great. I'm going to swap my Hard Drive out of my old 360 and put it in the Elite, so there's not really any immediate rush to transfer the data over (apart from not having space to install the whole game on the old 20Gb) so whenever it's free it'd be much appreciated. To be honest, it was a stretch to afford buying the Elite in any case, and 11 on top of everything else is just a bit much...

    Again, many thanks.
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