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    Goban wrote:
    Seeing as this is turning into a general car chat, does anyone else ever have pains in your accelerator leg during drives over 1.5hrs. I've adjusted the seat in every position known to man and it still happens?

    I have arthritis in my right ankle (my accelerator leg, obviously). In most cars I'm fine, but in our Punto, which I drove for more than a few minutes today for the first time, it was very painful. I'm hoping it's just because I'm not used to it yet.

    Re carsickness, I suffer terribly in cars with bouncy suspension. It's particularly bad in Fords, bizarrely, I used to throw up in my ex's mum's Mondeo estate and I hate travelling in my in laws' Focus. The more horrible the car is over speedbumps, the less likely it is to make me sick.
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