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    the 55-200 is great lens for the price - very light and compact, nice and sharp. After getting a D90 kit as Christmas (comes with an 18-105), I've since bought the 55-200 and 35 1.8 prime, and am happy with them both - the 35 is great for low light (eg. for parties/indoors, without flash), although a 50mm would be good too I'm sure.

    The one uncertainty about the 55-200 I had was that I usually can't be arsed to change lenses all the time, so basically a 18-200 would have been better, but I didn't want to spend the money right now (also this would have made the kit lens pointless, and it's a bit too soon to be selling that on again...).

    At least the wide end of the 55-200 isn't too far out, so you can, say, take portraits of people standing near you as well as things in the distance. One thing I would say is that the pictures that the 55-200 takes can seem a little washed out when they first come out of the camera, but if you up the contrast a little in whatever program you are using for post-processing then they look fine (free stuff like Picasa is fine for this).

    EDIT: having said all that, if you do have the cash, I would probably say go for the prime first and then save up to replace your kit lens with a 18-200.
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