#5316186, By hobbesthetiger Games You Own But Have Never Played ?

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    seasidebaz wrote:
    I've just read through this thread and I AM APPALLED.

    People who call themselves gamers, yet fail to break through the flimsy plastic barrier to pursue our hobby to its fullest. Those who would keep our treats hidden behind invisible barriers. Are we men, or are we people who can't even beat a piece of cellophane that holds us from our ultimate goal? That ultimate goal of FREEDOM. FREEDOM from the chavs, the hoodies, the random stabbings in the street. The FREEDOM from supermarkets, knowing our parents will risk LIFE and LIMB to bring us back FOOD that we require to continue smiting the denizens of our pretend worlds. We must uphold the pasty complexion, the lack of muscle mass, the occasional psychopathic tendencies. For we are the ones who will uphold our values; our waggleless future; our repetitive strain injury; we are the ones who will NEVER GO OUTSIDE. We will NEVER BE DEFEATED. THIS IS OUR TERRITORY. THIS. IS. ENGLAND!!!!!

    That's the kind of rallying call that brings a tear to my eye. God bless you, good sir.
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