#5320236, By redalien downscaling on x360 lowers performance?

  • redalien 4 Oct 2009 14:20:28 21 posts
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    hello everyone!

    i thought that this might be exactly the right place to ask a question i had since the day i bought x360 as i believe here are the real people to answer it!

    I have an SD PAL 4:3 60hz CRT tv set and my x360 is connected to it using standard Y/R/W connection. But time to time, when i take it to work (i am nightwatch), i have an opportunity to connect it to HD lcd set through HDMI. And the question is - how come that some games on HD have better framerates than on my default SD set, and never the other way? i have a good eye and i am not imagining it (up until feb '09 i was pc user who might be called an enthusiast - overclocking/benchmarking etc, so my eye had had its fare share of frame counting ) is it something to do with x360s trend to upscale certain games to 720p (judging by the article about tekken6) and then downscale or what?

    and other thing but on same wagon - how come when i connected to that 16:9 HD lcd set using Y/R/W connection framerate was too smoother than on home's 4:3 SD crt set?

    ...or it's just my x360 a bustl that's under performing under some certain circumstances?

    hoping to hear an answer no matter what that might,
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