#5347990, By redalien downscaling on x360 lowers performance?

  • redalien 10 Oct 2009 21:32:02 21 posts
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    cloudskipa wrote:
    Yeah it definitely sounds like it could be the HDTV running with some frame enhancement. That alone if cranked to full can make games with 30fps run to 60fps, a massive difference. Thing I don't get is if you have a trained eye why on earth are you using composite for your 360 output? At th very least give it an RGB signal, it will clean up the image a fair bit and prevent any bleeding.

    At the end of the day it has to be eiether 3 things:

    1) You're playing your 360 at home in 50hz without you realising,

    2) HDTV 100hz motion enhancement.

    3) Your imagination.

    frankly i didn't know SCART would make that big of a difference...and composite is universal - as most of sets i have access to are composite friendly, as some don't even have SCART... (my main work TV for example, as that HD i mentioned is used from time to time only (when i have access to it to be specific) ).

    And yes - i do understand that i am not using x360 to it's full potential, but things are as they are - and nevertheless i still enjoy it and glad that i bought one.

    And in the end it's all about money, which at this point have a amount possible to spend on xbox - close to "0" XD (but probably will get those 10$ to buy pure SCART cable)

    And thank you very much for your input guys - new that this was the place to find an answer (repeating myself once again, but what can i do if it's true)
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