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    Shitbox - you've conventiently ignored some of the points in my post (a post you requested - some hard facts on how piracy has negatively and in cases catastrophically affected this industry) and your arguments hold no water at all.

    You have some facts, as you requested - go spend a little time looking at comments from developers about piracy and you'll hopefully get a better perspective of its effect on the industry or, as I expect to be the case, you'll ignore it all and contiunue to be an ignorant prick.
    Once again, do try not to take things so personally, I've stated several times it's for the sake of discussion, I don't disagree with you personally, I just want you to prove your case. If you can't take a little debate without personally attacking people I suggest you get off the internet.

    I think my point has been pretty much proven already. Yes you're right, it does indeed get my back up when people are so very, very wrong about something and refuse to listen to reason (I mean come on guys, we're talking about illegal activity here - and that aside, I think it's been well established that pircay DOES hurt the industry)

    And yes, I do genuinely think that people who pirate are cunts. If any of my friends did it, I'd happily tell them so.

    Randomly beating someone up/mugging someone/etc etc warrant being called a cunt, pirating stuff is not even close in my book.
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