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    There's an excellent post by a poster called Virtuaracing on GameFAQS, he played the original and this new remastered version and this is his feedback if you're on the fence.

    Picked mine up in store Friday from Game. Indeed it's 1p shy of 40 quid but worth it regardless.

    Straight back in with the Ego Draconis side and I have been blown away from what I have seen for the first hour or so. I'm only at River town, but that is more than enough to see not the icing on the cake but the most awesome update you could ever wish to see! It's much more smoother, slicker and metallic looking with better more solid animation of everything. The animation was the most important feature I wanted to see and it's really nice now. The player camera has been moved in like 10 meters so it's just behind your character now and you can see things like never before. I was looking at a traders table and it looked cool, almost like playing a new game because you had never seen it like that before - cant wait to see more of the game and what new surprise it has. Not forgetting it has Flames of Vengeance adventure which is going to have to wait till I see Ego out!

    Lots of new art work such as the inventory icons and NOW (under line) you can see your character for the first time from the menu's which is really cool because you can now see individual items you maybe using/wearing which is much easier to understand, follow!

    It's very polished and 'thee' best looking RPG on 360, one of the best to play as well. ;-)

    I can share a couple of quick camera pics of the screen. Snaps taken from 360 displaying 1080i.

    Title screen, it is fully animated and very nice!
    pic: http://i52.tinypic.com/3007jvr.jpg

    Here is the new camera view, no tricks have been used. The bottom of the legs are cut off, but trust me it is really, really nice to use. As you can see there is a cross hair in the middle of the screen, this is much easier to work with and you can now just aim to high light things even up on out of reach places. Also you can see detail in the trader table, the bottles have a shine to them. Looks amazing. New HUD graphics to boot with some polish on the map.
    pic: http://i55.tinypic.com/33xzytt.jpg

    The new inventory screen. Sorry a little blur - in a rush. You can move over to all the icons around the charater screen. As I'm only hours in I don't have that much in the way of items.
    pic: http://i52.tinypic.com/3093uxy.jpg

    You can see in this final in-game shot the shine on the pot above the fire place and on the armour, leather and sword. Imagine it moving in real time with the light and all at 30fps really nice and smooth. Eye candy!
    pic: http://i56.tinypic.com/2rcbx9f.jpg

    Last piccy. It was released in the UK today. I got mine from game.co.uk
    I still have the first Div II and will keep it and will return to it later, but right now I'm loving the new one! Can never have enough copies, like I have a good number of dungeon Master for the amiga kicking about all different versions haha!
    pic: http://i52.tinypic.com/11kxw1v.jpg

    If you've played the 1st game then your enjoy everything thats new make no mistake! If it's your first time then NOW is the time to grab a copy of this gem! One of the best RPG's this gen just got better! :)

    As for myself, I simply cannot put it down, there's so much to and so much fun to be had, I've just made my creature and had a little taste of Dragon form in a certain 'premonition' absolutely loved it. I cannot wait until I get it for my own use. My characterm armour and weapon wise is really coming into his own, especially since the aforementioned scene where his actions now suit my dual weilding warrior to a T!

    Also love the responses you can give NPCS, often raising a huge childish grin on my face.
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