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    Spectral wrote:
    My PC could run it fine(PhenomII X6 @3.5Ghz/4GB RAM/GTX460). I was more concerned about controls and it seems opinions on them are mixed. Does the PC version support a 360 pad natively or do you need to use a 3rd party app to map KB/M commands to the pad?
    Probably a bit late to be responding to this, but for anyone else who wants to know:
    No the game does not support the 360 pad - at least not natively. You might be able to get it to work with Xpadder or something like that, but I don't use those programs so I don't really know.
    It is possible to bind all the keys to the 360 pad buttons in the games config menu, but you cannot bind mouse movement to it, so its impossible to change the direction you are facing. This basically makes the pad useless.

    I was pretty annoyed when I found this out, but it didn't stop me sinking over 60 hours into the game (playing with ye oldie kb+m setup) and really enjoying it.
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