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    I've numerous vague memories of times when I've thought, "Bloody hell that was close!" but the only really memorable event was when i was caving on a university event. We all had to absail down in to this pitch black 100ft deep chamber. A couple of guys had gone down and I was next.. So I stood on the edge of the abyss and something was nagging me not to go down. This was only the second time I'd been in a cave and I'd never absailed before so I didn't really know what all the ropes and bindings were for but I remember thinking something looked not right. So I turn around to the guy who'd hastely hooked me up (so he could get back to chatting up one of the fresher girls), and i say, "Should this rope be attached to something?"

    You should've seen his face. It was like he'd seen a ghost. He just grabbed me away from the edge and duly informed me that i wasnt actually attached to anytyhing that would've stopped me from plummeting to the bottom of the chamber.

    Happy days :)
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