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    Bob - yeah I find the areas around Limsa a bit samey. But have you explored the little caves, found the way to Aleport on the same map at the level 10 camp and found the way to the subterranian undersea caves full of seriously overpowered mobs (they're far east of the city)? There's a lot of exploration to be done if you want to see some variety.

    Maybe I'm odd, but I like finding things to look at and explore. Aleport's mostly all closed off now, but I liked discovering the way down, running around and imagining what it'll be like soon.

    Staying out in the open while is so over crowded won't get you anywhere fast. You need to find somewhere off the beaten track with some mob pops you can monopolise ;)

    If you're getting bored of Limsa, get on the ferry to Ulduh. Its at the very bottom of the city, open the menu and go through the gate. When you arrive follow the road to Ulduh.

    Following the road east of Ulduh will also get you to Girdania.

    Bored of grinding and battle levves? Click the other NPC and get the local guildleves to try crafting. I don't mind gathering either, with the strange 'hot or cold' minigame which I think is more interactive than 'right click on node, get irritated when idiot taps it before me.'

    Incidentally, FFXI was the first MMO I played. I played it in an endgame Linkshell for 5 years with three top level jobs back before they reduced the grind and let you level synch. I then played Guild Wars at endgame, various free mmos and LOTRO for a since launch. I have never played WOW, though I believe LOTRO is very similar in systems and general how stuff works.

    No, the UI isnt at all what an MMO player expects. It's a console UI with some adaption to make it work on a PC, and I've heard a LOT of people stop playing because they can't fathom it. Some shortcuts like XI had would be nice, but as I can't see them being a big deal to add, I can't see a reason why they won't get added later. I've just seen a huge leap forward in menu and mouse lag from the last beta phase, so I'm somewhat encouraged here. I think it will, like 11, remain forever a game developed with console play in mind though.
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