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    Told you ;)

    Ferry is a bit dull. Maybe they'll add some NPCs and things like Pirate attacks at random later. The first time I went on it, there was a very purple thunderstorm, which was very well done. Mostly I get the fog though.

    Random Loot and nice leet weapon drops: We simply don't know yet. Sadly. It's very much a taster, a cut down experience that we have right now. I fear we won't get a fully featured thing for about a year, as it took them that long with 11.

    I reached class level ten and unlocked the second part of the main questline yesterday. I still think Ulduh's storyline isn't as good as Limsa :( Not tried the third place to start a character yesterday.

    Last night I went exploring a bit in the areas around Girdania. Had the same problem again: too many aggressive mobs in between you and where you want to be. Had fun with a friend trying to outwit the wolves and spiders and bees: watching him take a 2.5k hit from behind from a wolf made me laugh out loud. Unlocked a sort of mini-aetherite, which lets you teleport back to a main crystal for one Anima. Going to explore some more of the area tonight.

    Yes. One big advantage I have I suppose, is that I have a ready-made community to talk about on voice coms and do things with: my linkshell from FFXI is playing together again. It makes a huge difference. Hopefully EG will be able to get something going too.
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